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SPRING BREAK IN HAITI is a 501 c(3) not-for-profit organization, organized exclusively for cultural and educational purposes.

The purpose of Spring Break in Haiti is to give participants opportunity to become in tune with many facets of the Haitian culture. Spring Break In Haiti founded by the young, entrepreneurial leaders of the New York City, Harlem Haitian-American community and alumni of the CUNY and SUNY educational system, promotes Haiti as major tourism destination for the 21st century

The mission of Spring Break In Haiti is to bridge the gap between Haiti of the past and present. International collaboration is key to building the economy; an international community that can re-establish the tourism industry as well as national infrastructure.

Our Great Team

Dolor sit amet conse

  • Okhela Bazile
    Okhela Bazile Marketing Executive
  • Berhane Bam Gelin
    Berhane Bam Gelin Vice President
  • Gregory Jesus Luc
    Gregory Jesus Luc President
  • Kevin Luc
    Kevin Luc Accountant

The creation of this great phenomenon has a three-fold objective

1. To “bridge the gap” between Haiti’s past and present, by fostering an understanding of the nation’s history and environment. Curators shall teach participants the important features of historical leaders and landmarks. Academic credit may be available to patrons of the full package.

2. To promote and stimulate tourism in Haiti by highlighting its beauty, sounds, hospitality, affordability and convenience to the western hemisphere. The nation will become renowned as a premiere destination of the Greater Antilles and considered a global must-see.

3. To make Haitians and friends of Haiti feel part of the movement SBIH started in New York City and Port-au-Prince; blending history, education and entertainment. Students will interact with the community on every level, gaining the spiritual, social and professional connections that make SPRING BREAK IN HAITI a transformational experience.