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Spring Break in Haiti

is a phenomenon designed to cater to travelers and college/ university students across the globe as they embark upon this purified, peaceful, and spiritual adventure into the legendary Caribbean island during their spring semester recess.
SPRING BREAK IN HAITI is a new initiative.
Unlike what “Spring Break” is typically known for, Spring Break In Haiti sets a whole new standard. We don’t just cater to the party-goers, SBIH services higher education, faculty, students, professionals and lovers of the Caribbean, who want to utilize their break by experiencing an cultural, exotic vacation.

Participants will travel to a city or several cities in Haiti including: Cap-Haitien, Ile-a-Vache, Jacmel, Les Cayes, Port-au-Prince, Port-Salut and others.

“Spring Break In Haiti sets a whole new standard.”


The purpose of Spring Break in Haiti is to give participants opportunity to become in tune with many facets of the Haitian culture. It is an opportunity for those who are looking to spend their spring break vacation doing something meaningful, educational and enjoyable! Spring Break in Haiti is open to all walks of life, families, humanitarians, professionals, students and all friends of Haiti
They will tour the major cities and their surrounding areas, enjoying ecological and historical landmarks, observing and participating in humanitarian services, interacting with community representatives, colleges/universities, international university students, and institutional officials and establishing foreign relations. Creole classes as well as seminars will be conducted, focusing on cultural, educational, health, social issues. First priority is given to high school seniors and college/ university students during their Spring semester recess.

“Spring Break in Haiti is open to all walks of life.”


Spring Break In Haiti founded in 2007, promotes Haiti as a major tourism destination for the 21st century.

“Haiti, destination point for the 21st Century”


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